The Cool Ranch

That time we got frank about transforming western culture.

A lesson in virality.
This is a photo of Lil Nas X facing off with Sam Elliott on a ranch that is cool.

Lil Nas X’s entry into country culture signaled a ‘changing of the guard’—an iconic moment in music history that we wanted to help celebrate on the world's biggest stage.

A four-up image of the Sway app that enabled you to scan your body and dance like a cowboy.
We turned ‘deepfake’ into ‘dancefake’, becoming the number 3 app in the app store.
Drew Forrest, Director of Culture and Strategy, n&f
A photo of Lil Nas X as a cowboy holding a bag of Doritos.
A photo of Sam Elliott looking so important.
A photo of Billy Ray Cyrus sitting at a country table with a guitar and a bag of Doritos.
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