Spaghetti Legs
Les Mills

The time we got frank about the power of pasta.

Fitness Chain Launches ‘Spaghetti Legs’ Pasta To Celebrate Post-Exercise Joy
Design Taxi
A photo of a person on the ground of a gym next to a box of pasta titled, "spaghetti legs"
A word mark of Les Mills Spaghetti Legs
Two side by side images. One of a person eating spaghetti and the other person squatting with spaghetti legs on their thighs.
Spaghetti Legs is a great example of our creative philosophy at nice&frank: actions over ads. Instead of another commercial about fitness that nobody needs or wants, we made a ridiculously unexpected product and then designed it within an inch of its noodley-life.
Laura Petruccelli, Chief Creative Officer, nice&frank
A photo of a knee holding up a box of spaghetti titled, "spaghetti legs."
A campaign board with six different images that all are related to a spaghetti legs product.
The idea was seriously silly and simple. But we know it’ll grab the attention of audiences outside of the fitness world by leaning into humor. That’s an ownable and untapped space in the fitness world, one that Les Mills can truly own.
Erica Stevens, Associate Creative Director, nice&frank
An invite for an Instagram Live class where Les Mills instructor Ben Main will help everyone get spaghetti legs.
A screenshot of Les Mills instructor Ben Main talking about the Spaghetti Legs class he's about to instruct.
Actually making the ‘Les Mills Spaghetti Legs’ class accessible to everyone through Instagram Live turns what could’ve been a fleeting social moment into an enjoyable and long-lasting brand action.
Nicole LeLacheur, Associate Creative Director, nice&frank
A splitscreen of a box of pasta with the title spaghetti legs and a person working out.
A split screen on one side where it reads, "science says spaghetti legs" and another side where a box of pasta is balancing on a workout ball.
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